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TheCityFix covers news, ideas, events and policies that help advance urban sustainability, with a strong focus on scalable and replicable solutions for cities in the developing world. Launched in 2007, the site is produced byWRI Ross Center for Sustainable Citiesand connects a global network of writers, urban planners, designers, engineers, and citizens who work to make cities better places to live.

TheCityFix covers key happenings in sustainable cities, with a focus on the following topics:

Air Quality— local pollution, health, source attribution
Building Efficiency— sustainable buildings, clean energy, building performance
Climate Resilience— climate change, adaptation, resilience, vulnerability
Energy + Climate— global carbon emissions, climate change, energy systems
Health + Road Safety— public health, quality of life, active transport, urban design, complete streets
Integrated Transport— advanced bus systems, rail, metro, bicycling, walking, fuels, technology
Urban Development— land use, urban design, infrastructure, public space
Urban Governance— public participation, access to information, institutional capacity, transparency
— water risk management, water security, water mapping, flood risk

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